Smart Phone App

You scan coupon barcodes, check-in at your favorite restaurant, and update your Facebook status from your iPhone. Why not call your poison center with it, too?

Connect to your poison center with the touch of a button. The FREE app is currently available to iPhone users-- Blackberry, Droid and Windows 7 apps will follow.

No more flipping through the front section of a phone book or calling your doctor’s office to find the number when you’re in a panic. With this app, you are merely seconds away from getting in touch with the expert nurses, pharmacists, or doctors at your poison center who can help you with your poisoning emergency or question.

  • Did your toddler invade the vitamin bottle?
  • Did you get bitten by an outdoor critter?
  • Did your aging parent take an extra dose or the wrong dose?

Click here to download the app.

Use the poison control center app to contact our experts immediately, because in a poisoning, there’s no time to waste.

If you still haven’t made the Smartphone leap yet, don’t worry: You can program the number to Carolinas Poison Center into your phone: 1-800-222-1222.